Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elluminate Web-Conferencing

Elluminate is a web-conferencing tool that allows you to connect with colleagues and students using text chat, voice, video, and desktop sharing. Elluminate compresses all the data -- even voice and video -- in such a way that even folks on dial-up connections can participate.

Two related tools from Elluminate that are great for teachers:
  • Publish- convert Elluminate recording to video for uploading to YouTube, iTunes or other services
  • Plan- organize and time Elluminate sessions in advance
Elluminate and Wimba have been purchased by Blackboard. The technologies are being combined in a new tool called Blackboard Collaborate.

Free resource from Elluminate - LearnCentral.org
  • What is a v-Room?
  • A free 3-seat Elluminate virtual meeting room that has all the features of the full version of Elluminate, except recording
  • Good for virtual office hours and group work
  • Social networking platform geared toward teaching and learning
  • Access to free larger Elluminate rooms to hold Learn Central Events

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